Helpful Hints


Key Questions to Ask in an Initial Consultation

  1. What experience and training do you have?
  2. If I hire you, will you represent me or will I be passed off to someone else in your office?
  3. What kind of access will I have to you?
  4. If you are not available can your assistant or paralegal answer my questions?
  5. What is your hourly fee or contingency rate?
  6. Do you charge less for work done by paralegals?
  7. How much retainer do you require and is it refundable if not fully used?
  8. What happens when my retainer runs out?
  9. Could there be issues in my case requiring the need for other experts/professionals?

What to Do if You are Injured in an Accident

If you or someone you know has been injured in an accident, you must act quickly to protect yourself. Here is a list of things to keep in mind:

  1. Seek immediate medical attention. Many times injuries including pain, stiffness, or bruising do not manifest themselves until 24-48 hours after an accident has taken place. Even if there are no physical symptoms at the time of the accident, you should always consider seeking immediate medical attention. If symptoms develop after an accident, do not hesitate to consult a physician as soon as possible. Any hesitation, procrastination or delay may adversely affect you down the line.
  2. Identify the parties and witnesses. Be sure to identify all parties at the scene of an accident, and write down their contact and insurance information. This includes all emergency response personnel and witnesses, within reason, in case you need to obtain their statements or reports in the future.
  3. Record conditions. Be sure to revisit the site of the accident as soon as practicable and record the conditions from all angles. If possible, take as many pictures as you can, as they will assist in recreating the scene exactly as it existed at the time of your accident.
  4. Preserve evidence. If you’ve experienced a failed component or product which resulted or contributed to your accident, be sure to preserve it for safekeeping if it’s reasonable to do so.
  5. Keep a record. Be sure to write down everything you can remember about the events leading up to and following your accident. It seems simple enough, but everyone’s memory fades over time, no matter how traumatic the incident. By creating a record of everything that transpired you will always have the details of the incident available if necessary.
  6. Call your insurance company. Be sure to promptly report the injury and loss to your insurance company. Many insurance policies have time limits in which you must report an incident and file a claim. You don’t want to limit your remedies or curtail your rights by filing a late report.
  7. Follow up on reports. Some government agencies and private companies delete their records over time. Be sure to follow up with the appropriate parties to get access to and make copies of all reports and statements that relate to your accident.
  8. Consult an attorney. Call Biller, Sachs, Zito & LeMoult at 203-281-1717. We can assist you with all of the above recommendations, but most importantly we know how to preserve your rights. The law often mandates strict time frames that must be met in order to make a claim for your injuries. Obtaining the much needed advice of an attorney will help you avoid these obstacles and limit surprises. We also offer free initial consultations. Taking advantage of this offer will save you the time and energy of worrying about whether or not your claim has any merit, so that you can focus on recovering.